What is in store? (II Peter 3)

 But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly. II Peter 3:7

For most of the United States today is the dreaded day of going back to work after a long holiday weekend.  But for most of the world it is just another day in a life filled with trials and work.

Question: “How many of us went to bed last light thinking, what is in store for my life?”

As Peter closes his second letter, he has on his mind the believers conduct (activity) and character(alignment with God).

Here are three statements from the text that help us to answer the above question:

  • You will encounter scoffers in life.

Each day there are people who believe life will go on forever and ever.  Such people do the following: they blindly reject Scripture; they willfully reject history; they ignorantly reject the patience of God; and they purposefully reject God.

  • We must engage in the study of God’s Word.

The Bible says, “God has stored up judgment that will be released at His word.”

The Bible says, “God’s timetable is different from ours.”

The Bible says, “God’s attributes are clear.”  He is patient; redemptive; honest; and fair in judgment.

  • We must engage in sanctification.

Peter asks the question: “How should we be living our lies in light of what we have discovered?”  We should focus on holiness (this is our personal lives).  We should focus on Godliness (this is our public life).

The Lord is going to return.  He could have returned while you were asleep. But He has chosen to give you and I another day to both personally and publically live for Him.  May we do so with a heart that says, this could be the day!

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