A certain Man (John 11)

11 Now a certain man was ill, Lazarus of Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha. John 11:1

The story of John 11 stands, for me, as one of the all time greatest miracle stories in the Bible.  As one reads the story it might seem to be a story about a certain man named Lazarus.  But the truth is, this chapter is about another certain man.  This certain man is the theme of every chapter of the Bible.

Before I write more about the certain man, lets look at the chapter under 9 headings with you filling in the details:

  • Jesus three closest’s friends are in need, Vs: 1-4.
  • Jesus is 2 days away by foot from his friends, 10:40-42.
  • Jesus waits 2 more days before leaving for their home, 11:5-6.
  • Jesus informs the disciples of Lazarus death and the faith moment that was coming, 11:7-17.
  • Jesus offers encouragement to Martha, 11:18-27.
  • Jesus shows His love and compassion for His friends, 11:28-38.
  • Jesus commands for the stone to be taken away, 11:39.
  • Jesus pray’s to the Father, 11:40-42.
  • Jesus calls Lazarus from the grave, 11:43-44.

If you had read this for the first time or you are reading this for the first time, ask yourself, Who is the certain man in the chapter?  The one we look to is Jesus!!!

In every trial, tribulation, or moment of truth it is Jesus who is the certain man we look too!!!

Here is what we learn about Jesus from this chapter:

  • He is a friend of sinners.
  • He is the resurrection and life.
  • He is the Christ, the Son of God, who is coming into the world.
  • He is a God of compassion who enters into our hurts.
  • He is calling men from death to life.

Wow!!!  I say it again, Wow!!!  Jesus is the certain man I need in my uncertain times.

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