What we have been handed (II Corinthians 4)

Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God,[a] we do not lose heart. II Corinthians 4:1

Years ago Beth and I were given a gift certificate for a Father and Daughter date.  The person who gave us the gift certificate raved about the entertainment and the food.  We both went with great anticipation for what we had been handed.  The music was great and the food was great, with on exception.  The portions were for a bird and not for a hungry teenager.  On the way home Beth asked, “Could we stop by McDonald’s?”

In life we face moments that leave us feeling that we do not have what we need to overcome.  Paul could have been feeling this way when he thought about all that was happening in his ministry.  But as God poured His truth into Paul, it becomes clear that Paul understands God has given him more than enough to accomplish the spiritual task before him.

Here is what Paul had been handed:

  • He had been given a ministry filled with mercy.  God was with Paul in every circumstances.  He had led Paul to have authentic ministry, Vs: 2.
  • He had been given understanding into the heights and depths of the gospel, Vs: 4-6.
  • He had been given the Holy Spirit that enabled him to have power, Vs: 7.
  • He had been given understanding of God’s purposes in suffering, Vs: 8-15.
  • He had been given a viewpoint of what was coming, Vs: 16-17.

The things that God had handed to Paul were more than enough for Paul to write, “we do not lose heart!”

Question: “Has God given you enough truth so that you will not lose heart?”  If you answer is “no,” I challenge you to dig deeper into God’s Word.  The deeper you go the greater amount of truth will be handed to you.

2 Responses to “What we have been handed (II Corinthians 4)”

  1. Brenda Barbos Says:

    This was so appropriate this morning as we had problems over at the gypsy village where we have provided clean water for them to drink and trying to build a church for them to feel welcome in and yet they are complaining and fighting amongst themselves and telling others that we are making money off of them and getting rich. Saying things that are just discouraging when you are only wanting to see them have a better chance in life. It is only a few who the devil is using to work against us. Was encouraging to read your blog this morning!

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