Bearing fruit in the world (Colossians 1)

which has come to you, as indeed in the whole world it is bearing fruit and increasing—as it also does among you, since the day you heard it and understood the grace of God in truth, Colossians 1:6

There are days when I just want to close out the noise of the world.  Question, do you feel this way from time to time?  As Paul writes to the Colossian church we get the sense that there is some noise being spread around that Paul was seeking to close out.  The noise is coming from false teachers who were seeking to tear down who Jesus was and they were seeking to teach people a view of life that was wrong.

Paul lifts up the deity of Christ and the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation.  There are three words in Vs: 13-14 that describe Christ’s work on our behalf.  These words are qualifies, delivers, and transfers.

Jesus has qualified us for heaven by His payment.  Jesus had delivered us from the power of darkness by His blood.  Jesus has transferred us in His Kingdom through His redemption.  We can say, “We are forgiven by Christ.”

This is glorious news. But to be honest there are moments when I just want to get away from the people who need to hear the news. Recently I heard a pastor say, “90% of the people around the average Christian will never get to hear the good news of the gospel.”

Brothers and sisters, that statement broke my heart.  The pastor I was listening too went on to say, “the longer I am a Christian the less I meet lost people in whom Jesus died for.”  Again my heart broke.

Paul wrote, “The gospel is bearing fruit in the world.”  Here is why, people were sharing what they had heard.  My prayer is that I would not seek to isolate myself from the world.  Yes, we need to be insulated from the world.  But we need to daily penetrate the world with the gospel.  May it be in our lives today.

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