Its the same everywhere, even in Africa (Matthew 18)

15 “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. Matthew 18:15

Yes, it is true, even in Africa!!!  Yesterday while taking questions at the pastors conference I was asked the following question: “If someone borrows something from me, but its unwilling to give it back, what should I do?”

Immediately my mind was at a cross roads.  I could either travel one of two paths. I could take the path of a fleshly answer or the path of a faith answer.

Question: “Which path would you take?”

Peter, much in the same way is at the cross roads in Matthew 18.  Jesus gives him the faith answer:

  1. Peter is to forgive the person who offended Him as often as He genuinely request forgiveness.
  2. Peter is to never refuse forgiveness nor is he to take matters into his own hands.

Jesus gives Peter an example that will help to understand forgiveness.  Peter is the man who owes such a large debt and the person who offended him owes the smaller debt.

As I thought about my response to the pastor, I was reminded of my debt (canceled by Jesus) against God.  I was humbled to realize how much I have been forgiven!!!

I am praying for all who read this blog today, “You will always forgive all who sin against you.”

Just a quick update from Malawi.  We had a record 57 pastors at the conference for day number two.  We also saw over 60 kids respond to the preaching of the gospel during day two of the sports camp.  God is so good.  

We ever so feel your prayers and we continue to need them.  Today is day three of our pastors conference and it is the first day for our team to have a day camp in a new remote village.  Please pray for the health of our team as well. 

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