Saturday from Malawi (Matthew 14)

“And He said, bring them to me.” Matthew 14:18

This morning is going to be a long day with lots of village driving and village ministry as we visit two orphanages where God has blessed Hope for the Future to adopt over 170 kids.  I am so thankful for brother Ovi and Ms. Lita’s vision for this nation.  I can never imagine the weight they carry as entire families survival and future lies in their hands.

This morning I wonder, what lies in your hands?  For me, each mission trip reminds me of how helpless apart from Christ my best efforts are.  I am much like the disciples in Matthew 14 who see the massive need with considering the unlimited power of Jesus.  The disciples look over the situation and they say, “send them away…”

However, Jesus had a different plan!

Question: “How many times has God spoken to your heart about ministry and you simply said, I can’t do it?”

Each time God speaks and we say “no,” we are just like the disciples when they said, “send them away.”

Brothers and sisters, “God has all power to accomplish every ministry He is calling you to join Him in.”  The power is His.  The mission is His.  The results are His.  The glory is His.  All we are called to do is to simply say, “Yes Lord, I will be your hands and feet.”

Think about this story.  Who other than Jesus is remembered?  It is not the disciples or the people who are fed.  It is the little boy who gave what he had for the ministry.  What did Jesus say, “Bring them to me.”  Once the little boys insufficient resources got in Jesus hands they were transformed into more than enough!!!

This morning I am praying for that kind of love and faith.  I want to love Jesus enough to place everything in His hands.  I want to have enough faith in Jesus to be His hands and feet to carry the more than enough message to the world.

Many who read this are in a place where the Lord is saying or has been saying for a long time, “bring yourself to me.”  I pray with all my heart that you place yourself in Jesus hands.” You ask, “why?”  The lives of millions are at stake!!!

So off we go to visit children who have, with Jesus, the ability to change the future of a nation!!!  That’s a big deal on a Saturday morning!!!


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