Jail Time (Acts 4)

“And they arrested them and put them in custody until the next day, for it was already evening,” Acts 4:3

Imagine you are sitting in the worship service of your church. The service has come to the teaching time.  The pastor is about half-way through the introduction of his message.  Suddenly police walk into the service and proceed to the platform with a warrant for the pastor’s arrest.  The congregation and you are in shock.  The warrant reads, “arrested for preaching the gospel.”

Before you can respond, he is taken away!!!  Question: “Are there things you would be willing to go to jail for?”

Here was my answer, as I read about the Apostles being arrested for preaching the gospel. I would go to jail for family, freedom, and faith.  This is my list.  I would add to the list, “friends.”

The Apostles were rewarded, for preaching the gospel, with jail time.

Think with me about what faith they possessed:

As they spoke out their faith was assaulted by people who hated the gospel.  The Bible is clear, “men hate the light,” John 3:17-19.  These men were arrested.  But notice, how bold they were in the answer of their faith.  They stood for in whom they believed.  God anointed the men to preach Jesus as the only way of salvation, Acts 4:12.  They refused to back down because Jesus was the only way!

In this moment they were released.  We rejoice in a short jail time.  But we also reflect, not everyone will have or have had a short jail sentence.  Many believers have died in jail.  Is their faith any less or any less effective for God?

Answer, “God uses some in moments of deliverance for His glory and often God uses many in moments of death for greater glory.”

Please reread 4:23-31 and ask yourself, “What can God do in your tough moments?”

Brothers and sisters, I am so encouraged and I am so challenged by what I have read.  I praise God for what will happen in our tough days.  I will pay attention to the assaults of the enemy.  I will be prepared to go to jail for the gospel.  I will have my answer in hand.  I will be a part of a local family so that I have others to walk with me through this hour.  Thank you Lord for those who read this today.  They are my family and I am theirs.  May we be willing to go to jail together for the name!!!

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