Stay Awake (Mark 13)

37 And what I say to you I say to all: Stay awake.” Mark 13:37

Question:  “has anyone ever had to say to you, stay awake?”  I confess, it has happened in my life several times.  On in particular comes to mind.  It happened several years ago.  It was New Year’s Eve.  There was a group of people who came over to our house with the goal of making sure I stayed awake until midnight. I can still remember Sherry saying to me, “Stay awake.”  This direct would last for about 20 minutes and again she would find me falling asleep.  So again the imperative would come.  “Stay awake.”

Brothers and sisters, I am happy to report, “because of her prompting I made it.”

Consider Jesus last words recorded in Mark 13. They are a summary of everything He has said in the chapter. Chapter 13 is about “End Times truth.”

The disciples wanted to know two things: “When would Jesus come to establish His kingdom and what would be the signs that would let them know it is coming.”  These are questions we still have today.

Here are those signs:

  • False leaders would come as well as fierce conflict around the world.
  • There would be natural disasters and famine around the world.
  • The church would face international persecution.
  • Families would divide over the gospel.

Brothers and sisters, “We have experienced these signs in every generation.”

Here are some signs still to come:

  • The gospel will be proclaimed in all nations.  Vs: 10
  • The Antichrist will come to rule in Jerusalem and the world.  Vs: 14-18
  • Believers in Jerusalem will have to flee for their lives. Vs: 15-18
  • The tribulation will be more intense than anything that has ever happened in our world.  Vs: 19-23
  • The Lord will return. I.E. “His Second-coming!” Vs: 24-27

At this point we need to hear Jesus warning to us, “Stay Awake.”

God has called His church to pay attention to the signs.  God has called His church to be prepared for His return. God has called His church to reach others because His return come happen any day.

Listen to me carefully:  God says, “Be on guard!”  “Keep awake!”  “Stay awake!”

Here are our takeaways:

  1. Make sure you do not become distracted by living as if you are going to be here forever.
  2. Make sure you stay on task with things of eternal value.
  3. Make sure you are awake to the very end of your race.

When I think back to that New Years Eve, I remember everyone saying, “Keith you made it.”  But as I thought about it, “I really did not make anything of eternal value.”  I want to someday hear Jesus say, “Keith, you made it.”  Oh how I want the same for all who read this today.

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