What Should I do? (James 1-5)

16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16

After reading James letter to the church, I find myself asking one simple question, “What should I do?”  God’s answer to my question:  “Pray.”

The above answer is as familiar to us as is each breath we take.  And just like the breath we take, we really don’t know all that is involved in how we breathe or all that is involved in how prayer works.

This day, I realize two things:

I. Prayer involves both confession and repentance.

This morning I went back through all 5 chapters and wrote down all the things that James called the church to work toward doing and actually doing.  Below is a sample from just one chapter, chapter 4:

“I need to be free from worldly pursuits; I need to be humble, submissive, and to fight the Devil; I need to be repentant when I fail; I need to speak with kindness to others and refrain from being their judge; I need to live each day for the will of God; and walk in obedience to all that I know is right.”

The above sample is God’s check list for my day!!!  As I reviewed the list I found myself confessing to God the areas of my life where sin won the battle instead of my obedience to God.

I want to challenge you to go back through the five chapters and write down every theme and every directive.  Spend time in confession and repentance.  For me, this was an extremely refreshing time.

II. Prayer involved faith and victory.

When we pray having confessed our sins and having prayed in faith for others, the power of God comes into our lives.

Certainly the Christian life is not a cake walk.  Anyone who thinks it is has never eaten a piece of the book of James.  The Christian life of faith and works happens down on our knees.  God help me to pray!!!

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