True Greatness on a Monday (Matthew 20-21)

26 It shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, Matthew 20:26

As Jesus makes His way toward Jerusalem (19:17) there is much conversation and activity on the road.  This conversation leads us to understand true greatness.  Yes, true greatness, even on a Monday!!!

The subject matter is leading us to see this one true:  “Those who are truly great in God’s kingdom work are those who serve!!!” In the context of chapter 20 we discover three great truths for those who are truly great:

I. Those who are saved (God’s children) serve at the pleasure of the King, 20:14-15.

Our Lord is generous to all those He calls to His service.  There is one quick warning here: “One must fight the old nature of selfishness in becoming jealous about what God gives to others.”

II. Those who are saved (God’s children) understand their salvation has come through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, 20:17-19.

III. Those who are saved (God’s children) seek to follow the example of our serving Lord, 20:20-27.

In the very next chapter we see the servant heart of Jesus as he comes into Jerusalem ridding on a donkey.  The King who is coming showed us the way to true greatness!!!  May you and I serve this week as one who is great in God’s eyes.


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