Hand-Me-Downs (Matthew 15; Mark 7)

13 thus making void the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And many such things you do.” Mark 7:13

Being the youngest of seven children, my wife knows a few things about hand-me-downs.  In case you do not know what hand-me-downs are, here is a definition:  “It is something that someone who is older hands down to you.”  It could be something they wore (as is usually the case) or something they believe.

The issue of hand-me-downs is front and center with Jesus in both Matthew’s and Mark’s account of Jesus encounter with the religious elite.  Here is the deal:

  • The religious leaders highest priority was the traditions of men, handed down from generation to generation.
  • Our Lord’s highest priority was the truth of God, given to Him by the Father in heaven.

Pay close attention here:  “The religious leaders were concerned with what men said and our Lord was concerned about what God said.”

The conflict that ensued revealed how the religious leaders focused on the outside of man while our Lord focused on the heart.

The end result was a group of people who handed down empty traditions that could not change the heart.  The heart continued to produce works that were sinful.  However, Jesus came to change the heart!!!

Power-point:  “We hand down what comes out of the heart!”

This hit me very hard as I prayed for my family today.  I took some time and wrote down what I believed I have handed-down to my family.  Some of the things I wrote, I was very proud of.  But others, not so much.  In the things I wrongly handed down, I have repented and I will seek my families forgiveness.  In the God-things I will seek to strengthen the handing down more and more.

I hope you will take time to inventory what you have handed down and I hope you will allow God to change your heart every day so that you can hand down the correct things.

Here are a few heart Scriptures for your consideration:

Jeremiah 17:9; Ezekiel 36:26; Matthew 5:8, 22:37; I Peter 2:22

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