Wisdom, pay attention (I Kings 3-4; Psalm 72)

“Solomon loved the Lord, walking in the statutes of David his father, only he sacrificed and made offerings at the high place.” I Kings 3:3

This is a day of great blessing in my personal life in three ways:

  • Today, Sherry and I celebrate 24 years of marriage.  I have been blessed beyond measure with a partner who has walked with me through ups and downs, good and bad, happy and broken, joy and sorrow, and great hope for the future.  I could never thank the Lord enough for Sherry!!!
  • Today, we honor the men and women who have defended and are defending our nation.  On this Memorial Day I am so thankful for the blessings I have received because of what others have sacrificed for me.
  • Today, I celebrate another day of life in Jesus Christ.  All I have and all I will ever be is because of His grace in my life.

These three blessings came to mind as I walked through God’s work in the life of a young king by the name of Solomon.  As Solomon comes to the throne we discover a man in whom we need to pay attention too:

  • Solomon is a man who comes to the throne with humility, 3:6-7 (All He has been provided by God).
  • Solomon is a man who comes to the throne in adoration, 3:3 (He loves the God who loves Him).
  • Solomon is a man who comes to the throne with a dependent heart, 3:8-9 (He could not lead without God leading him).
  • Solomon is a man who is walking in obedience, 3:14 (He walks in God’s ways).

These are things of wisdom that each of us need to pay attention too.  Consider this fact:  “Solomon followed these wisdom practices for many years, but then he faltered from them.”  Even the wisest of people must daily be disciplined to pay attention to spiritual matters.

This is why you and I look to one greater than Solomon, Jesus Christ, Matthew 12:42.  As we look to Jesus we find all we need to be faithful to God!!!

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