Its all about Him (I Chronicles 26-29; Psalm 127:1)

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1

These past few weeks have been an amazing journey of desperation, faith, and victory in my spiritual journey as a pastor.  It actually began several months ago as I came to a desperate place in financial decisions for our church.  God has been so good to our church.  But we had come to a place where we had a great need.  A 150,000.00 need.

The need had come to be a source of great anxiety to my mind and heart.  Little did I know that God would use this crisis to become a watershed moment of great discovery in my life. Little did I know that God would open my eyes to His standard of measure, Luke 6:38.  Little did I know that God was going to teach our church about His Sacrifice of Release.  This past Sunday I not only watched as God meet our need in one offering, but that He went over the top and gave us more than our need required.

I have been asking the Lord, “How can I best make know your marvelous work in our lives.”  Here is His answer, “Proclaim my greatness to the world.”

This morning, I believe this is exactly what David does in his transition of leadership to Solomon.  As we begin our review of what we read I have to say the following:

“Oh how thankful I am for the reminder (from God’s Word) of God’s glorious work in which He calls His chosen ones (I Chronicles 28:3-4) to be a part of!!!”

I am humbled to consider all that God has done in his people (I Chronicles 29:10-13).

Here is our overview:

  • David is at the end of the road of his earthly life.
  • David is excited about what is going to happen after his life is over:
    • David prepares the leadership for the future, Chapters 26-27.
    • David provides for the budget for what is in the future, 29:1-9.
    • David gives spiritual direction for the future, 28:8-9.
    • David provides the drawings for their next project, 28:9-18.
  • David is confident about what is going to happen after his death, 28:20-22

David tells the people, “God will be with you.”  David tells Solomon, “the people will be with you.”

Brothers and sisters, “This is the sacrifice of release, I personally experienced this past Sunday.”  God was with us and the people were all with us.

I proclaim to the nations, “God has built the house!”

Maybe you are in a church that is struggling in the house?  Allow me to challenge you to be a part of the solution and not a source of division. Allow me to challenge you to mobilize your church into a mission of prayer.  Allow me to challenge you to come together in believing that God can, once again, build your house!!!

This is what He is doing at FBC Jackson.  It is all about Him!!!

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