Seeking God’s Viewpoint (Psalm 73; 77-78)

“But when I thought how to understand this, it seemed to me a wearisome task, until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I discovered their end.”  Psalm 73:16-17

It has become almost a daily thing in my life to do the following, “Lord, I wish I had known this as a young believer.”  Yes, each day God shows me His viewpoint as I read his word.  And Yes, each day I think about how I should have known this when I was much younger.

Here before us is Psalm 73 in which the Psalmist is struggling with understanding why He is suffering (as God’s child) and the wicked are being blessed.  This was the deep nagging question for Job as well.

As we read the 28 verses of this chapter we discover God’s viewpoint concerning this question.  Follow the outline:

  • The Psalmist is confused about the benefits of following God, Vs: 3-16.
  • The Psalmist is clouded in his viewpoint of following God, Vs: 21-22.
    • He was about to give up, but God moved in.
  • The Psalmist found clarity as He met with God, Vs: 17-20; 23-28.

Brothers and sisters, “over and over again you have read this blog pleading with you to daily spend time with God.”

Here again we see this same pleading.  Life is too difficult and our enemy is too crafty.  We need God’s view every day. Keep this in mind, “When you don’t know why and when you feel lost, look to God.  He always has the answers we need.”

And yes, I wish I had learned this earlier in life!!!

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