Wearing The correct clothes (Africa Day # 2, 2016, Judges 6-7)

“But the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon, and he sounded the trumpet…” Judges 6:34

This morning I awakened in my home away from home, Malawi Africa.  I have come back with a team of 8 other Christ followers to once again partner on the field with Hope for the Future.  The Lord has over and over confirmed God’s call upon mine and Sherry’s life the need to get the gospel to this broken place.  We know we are to both mobilize people as well as to walk ourselves down this path with Ovi and Lita to touch a nation with the gospel.

This morning is day two which is actually day one in our mission work.  We are preparing ourselves to go a remote village where First Baptist Church and its partners provided for a church to be built and for the people to survive the hunger season as our church feed them through that dark season.  As we go our team will spend the day in a children’s camp as well as sharing through-out the village. I am going to gather the men as well to share Christ with them.  It will be a major opportunity to share the Love of Jesus!!!

As I write this blog our team is preparing for the day.  Most of the adults are up and getting ready but the young guys are struggling to awaken.  The ladies are also up and ready.  I can sense the tension as they wonder what God is about to do.

It must have been that way for Gideon.  In Judges 6 and 7.  Here was a guy who was at best living in a time when Israel was in great weakness and oppression from the Midianites.  Look at Gideon:

I. Gideon was a man who was in a position of weakness and fear, Vs: 11.

Here were God’s people trying to survive.  It is clear that the people were in the wrong, Vs: 7-10, “you have not obeyed the Lord.”

II.  Gideon was a man who was being challenged to have faith, Vs: 22-33.

The first step Gideon was challenged to do was simply to go and tear down the altars that his father and his village had been worshipping.  Gideon obeys and finds his name being changed to Jerubbal, “Let Baal content against him because he broke down his altar.”

What a step of faith this really was in standing up for the call of God.  This day our team is being called to the same step of faith in calling out the false God’s around us and pointing people to the true God.

We also see a man who was attempting to step in faith as he asked God for a sign to continue his development of trust. Vs: 34-40.

III.  Gideon was a man who came into a place where He listened and where he  would lead. Judges 7.

When He hears of the soldiers dream-He worships knowing the God who had led him here would lead through this hour.  Also this same God would give glorious victory through His mighty men of 300.

God’s greatest desire is two-fold:

  1.  He would deliver men from bondage.
  2. He would be glorified among men.

Today, this is our goal here in Africa and I believe it will be your goal where you are called to minister this day.

Keep in mind, the correct clothes to wear while you are doing this is simply the clothes of the Holy Spirit.  John 16:5-15

My God be glorified in our day here and there!!!


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