Peace with who you are (Genesis 43-45)

“And Joseph said to his brothers, I am Joseph!…”  Genesis 45:3

In these days of media craze it seems that everyone is spending time on social media in an attempt to build up who they are or to inform the world of how unhappy they are with who they are.

Consider this fact:  “God created every person for a distinct purpose.”  If that purpose is lived out in a person’s life, he or she will be at peace with who they are!

Question:  “Are you at peace with who you are?”

Consider Joseph in Genesis 43-45.

In chapter 43 we see Joseph’s brothers trying to come to a place of peace:

  • Judah volunteers to be a pledge for his brothers, Vs: 9.
  • Jacob pleads for mercy before God almighty, Vs: 13.
  • Joseph proclaims, “God be merciful to you Benjamin, Vs: 29.

Consider this fact:  Our Messiah is the Son of God Almighty.  Jesus came to provide mercy for all men.

In chapter 44 we see Joseph’s greatest test of these men’s lives.

  • The brothers understand they are being judged for their sin against their brother.
  • The brothers finally are willing to stand up for what they have done.

In chapter 45 we see God’s plan for Joseph revealed.

  • Joseph fully understands His purpose for life.

God sent him ahead of his family to preserve life, Psalm 105:16-17.

  • Joseph fully understands Heavens plan for life.

Joseph proclaims, “God sent me here.”  By obeying Joseph was being used to provide a place for his family to live, eat, and prosper.  This is truly a picture of God’s great love for all men, John 3:16; 14:1-6; Ephesians 1:4-7.

Joseph is fully at peace with who he is!!!

Brothers and sisters, the only way we can come to this place is if we both see and submit to God’s plan for our lives.  Maybe you are struggling with God’s plan or maybe you are living out your plans?  If so, I challenge you to consider Joseph’s life.  Consider the joy that comes when we live for a purpose greater than our own!!!  This is truly living.

If you are not at peace with who you are, seek God’s plan and you will come to a place of peace because you will finally be living as you were designed to live.  If you are at peace, reach out to those who are not at peace.

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