Who will they turn to? (Genesis 41-42)

“Moreover, all the earth came to Egypt to Joseph to buy grain, because the famine was severe over all the earth.”  Genesis 41:57

In every crisis whether large or small, people turn to someone or something for help!!!  For example, “If we have a Heating or AC problem, we turn to brother Don in our church.”  It is our automatic go to because we believe and trust in his ability to solve the problem.”

Question, “Where do the people in your spear of influence turn with they have a spiritual crisis?”

When we consider Joseph’s spear of influence as we approach Genesis 41 we would not expect anyone to turn to him.  He has spent the last 12 years as a slave in prison in a foreign land.  But to our shock, the leader of Egypt turns to Joseph for answers.

When Joseph is called to give answers, Vs: 14, we see the following in his life:

  • Joseph gives credit to God, for the wisdom he possesses.  Vs: 16  (Daniel 2:28)
  • Joseph clearly understands God’s hand in all of this.  Vs: 32
  • Joseph openly points out God’s grace in all of this.  Vs: 36

Brothers and sisters, “In moments of crisis, we have a choice: “Lift up our view or lift up God’s view.”

To be very transparent.  It is not easy to do the correct thing when you have been in the shadows all of your life.  However, the right thing to do is to lift up Jesus.

Here is how Joseph did this:

  1.  Joseph has the Spirit of God, Vs: 38.
  2. Joseph has the favor of God, Vs: 51-52

These two things make all the difference when the crisis comes.  In Joseph we see a man who prefigures Jesus who is truly the advocate for all men, I John 2:2.  In Joseph we see a man who understands his every success is a gift from God.  When Joseph names his sons he gives glory to God for both preserving him and blessing him.

It is my prayer that all believers would be used of God in the day of crisis to point others to Jesus!!!  It is my prayer that all believers would understand their crisis is God’s moment to shine through them.

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