Why not us? (Genesis 19-21)

“But he lingered.  So the men seized him and his wife and his two daughters by the hand, the Lord being merciful to him, and they brought him out and set him outside the city.”  Genesis 19:16

As we return to our studies in the book of Genesis we find ourselves entering a moment in God’s redemptive history that is very familiar to those who are students of Scripture.  The story of the destruction of Sodom has been taught so many times.  Each of us are familiar with themes such as, “remember Lot’s wife.”

But it could be that we are not familiar with other themes or possibly we have missed the big picture of what happened here.  Think this through:

“If God destroyed Sodom for her many sins, including homosexuality.  Why does He not destroy other nations that are as guilty as Sodom?”  This includes the USA as well.  

Follow the path in Genesis 19:

  • Sodom gives us a picture of our world, 19:11.

Here we read of men who, in spite of their blindness, still try to carry out their evil deeds.  Paul writes of humanity groping in the darkness in Acts 17:26-28.

  • Lots rescue gives us a picture of God’s mercy to the word, 19:16

Certainly Lot was not a perfect man.  He longed for the riches in Sodom.  He had not gained a proper testimony in the eyes of his would be son-in-laws.  He wife had been consumed with Sodom ways.  His own heart was divided in that he could not bring himself to leave the city.  His own daughters were taken in by Sodom ways.

Despite all of this, Lot was protected by the God of great mercy.  “The Lord redeems the life of his servants; none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.”  Psalm 34:22

  • God’s judgment is a picture of what is coming to our world, 19:20-24

Some day God will return to destroy this world and all who are in it,  II Thessalonians 1-2. That day will make the judgment of Sodom to be small in comparison.

As I came away from this chapter I was reminded how God has personally given grace into my life.  This day I came away with a greater sense of thankfulness to the God who had given grace into my life.  This day I came away with a greater hunger to share Christ while the age of grace continues.  Time is ticking and the day will come when it will be us.  Until then may we love Him and reach all with the message of the glorious gospel.

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