See the Man (John 20; Revelation 21; Malachi 3)

“Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, ‘I have seen the Lord’-and that he had said these things to her,”  John 20:18

I want to encourage you to stop what you are doing and turn back to John 20.  Once you have the place in the Bible, call out to God, “Please Lord, give me fresh eyes to see your Word.”

Personally, “I have many times read John’s account of the resurrection of Jesus.”  But this morning I was given, by the Lord, fresh eyes to see this chapter.

John is giving us resurrection moments with Jesus and those who saw him after the resurrection.  In verse one we read the news, “the tomb is empty.”  Mark 16:1-8 gives us greater detail of what John covers in one verse.  We read of John’s own account of going to the tomb along with Peter.  It is here that John believes in the resurrection.  In the verses that follow, John gives us three encounters with Jesus:

  • Mary Magdalene meets Jesus with weeping-He wipes away her tears.  Vs: 11-18


  • The disciples meet Jesus with great fear in their hearts-He removes their fears.  Vs: 19-23


  • Thomas meets Jesus after a week of dealing with doubts-He wipes away all doubt.  Vs: 24-29

In this moment there is an amazing point made by Jesus, “Have you believed because you have seen me?  Blessed are those who have not seen  and yet have believed?” John 20:29

Brothers and sisters, “It is our belief in Jesus that daily wipes away tears, daily removes fears, and daily helps us to overcome all doubt.”

Over and over again we need reminders to believe.  However, there is coming a day when we will see Him.  On that day, all tears will be wiped away forever, Rev. 21:4.  On that day, all fears will be wiped away, Rev. 21:23-24.  On that day, all doubt will be removed, Rev. 21:25-26.

You and I serve a great God, We need to daily see Him through the lens of Scripture.  As we do, we are encouraged in our tears, fears, and doubts!!!

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