A Babylonian Christmas (Revelation 16; John 15; Zechariah 12:1-13:1)

“And they assembled them at the pace that in Hebrew is called Armageddon,” Revelation 16:16

Last evening our church family hosted a Christmas eve service.  This service is always one of my favorite services of the year.  We gathered with both followers of Christ and with people we were inviting to follow Christ.  In the service I spoke about “A Bethlehem Christmas.”

This Christmas story is much different than the one the world seeks after today.  Luke 2:1-20 shares the glorious story of God giving to the world a personal gift, “The gift of a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord!!!”

This day is truly about us saying to Jesus, “Happy Birthday.”

However, we live in a world that has arisen on this Christmas day to celebrate a Babylonian Christmas.

Maybe you ask, “What is a Babylonian Christmas?”

Answer: “It is a Christmas that celebrates oneself and all that one can get from this life!!!”

In Revelation 16 we see a world that has bought into this system.  Keep in mind the name Babylon is a name of a literal city (Genesis 11:1-9; Daniel 1-6; Revelation 17-18).  This city represents a world system that totally defies God.  It is this system and its followers that come to the battle of Armageddon to fight against the Lord.

On this Christmas day I am thankful for God’s awakening of my life to the truth of a Bethlehem Christmas.  Jesus Christ has chosen me to follow His path, John 15:11-17.  I have received the personal gift of salvation.

However on this Christmas day I am heartbroken for the billions of people who embrace a Babylonian Christmas.  Revelation 16 reminds us of three truths:

  • They delight in Babylon
  • They are deceived by Babylon
  • They will be destroyed with Babylon

While this is a day of celebration of family (Please spend time with family).  This is also a day of calling out to the world (Come out of Babylon).

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