A Thanksgiving blessing (I Peter 3; Luke 10; Micah 1; I Chronicles 22)

“Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing,”  I Peter 3:9

Each year our family greatly anticipates this day on our calendar.  It is the day when we gather together to prepare together the Thanksgiving meal.  Believe it our not, all of us help prepare the meal.

For me, I really enjoy preparing the dressing!!!  Or, if you really are from the south, “stuffing.”  Sherry and I have fun with each other determining how much sage we put in the dressing.  I always like more than she does.  Again this year, we shall see who wins the day!!!

Our greatest blessing on this day is in obeying I Peter 3:9, “Bless.”

For 23 years of marriage we have always opened our home to anyone who would come and join us for our meal.  Through the years we have had people from all walks of life at our table.  This year is no exception as we share with others what God has done in our lives.

As you consider this day, heed the words of Peter in I Peter 3:9.  They come in the greater context of a chapter that is filled with instructions for the Christian life:

  • Verses 1-7 speak about how husbands and wives are to serve each other as they follow Christ.
  • Verses 8-22 speak about how all Christians are to live out their faith, even in the midst of persecution.

In the midst of this living out of our faith we see the command to be a blessing.

Consider, how you can bless others today:

  • Praying for others is always a way to bless them, Matthew 5:41-42.
  • Speaking words of encouragement.
  • Acts of kindness, Luke 10:17-25.
  • Proclaiming the gospel, James 5:19-20.
  • Opening your home for a meal.

Be assured, when you bless others you will be blessed!!!

This day, I though of some many who have blessed us as they sat at our table.  Yes, we are truly blessed!!!



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