Thankful for belief, I Peter 1; Luke 8; Jonah 3; I Chronicles 19-20)

“Though you have not seen him, you love him.  Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory.” I Peter 1:8

As you know, we are spending this week focusing on “What do we have to be thankful for?”

Yesterday we focused on being thankful for the grace and mercy of God.

Today I want to focus on being thankful for “belief.”

As you and I turn the page from the book of James to the book of I Peter we find ourselves engaged with a book of hope.  Chuck Swindoll speaks of this book as being, “a book that brings hope again.”

Here we see Christ-followers who have been forced to leave their comfort zone and to disperse to the world.  It is in this discouraging place where we are given 5 chapters of hope in and through Christ.

Here we see, in chapter 1, four thankful moments of remember:

  1.  We should be thankful that He has caused us to be born again, Vs: 1-3.

In God’s mercy he came and purchases our redemption.  In his might he has purchased our resurrection.

2.  We should be thankful that He has created an inheritance for us, Vs: 4-5.

We see the inheritance described in Vs: 4 and we see his defense of the inheritance in Vs: 5.

3.  We should be thankful that he is creating us into new people, Vs: 6-8.

God, daily tests us so that we can be molded into a people whose lives will match our name.  God also gives a testimony that is great because of the trials we have endured and overcome.

4.  We should be thankful that he would will complete what he has started,  Vs: 9

We will obtain the salvation of our souls.

Brothers and sisters, these 4 moments are worth giving thanks for.  But be reminded, they all happen because God placed within us the ability to believe.  Without belief we would have no reason to follow God.

I have much to be thankful for, especially belief.

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