How do you respond to a famine? (Luke 3; Amos 8; I Chronicles 13-14; James 1)

“Behold, the days are coming. declares the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the land-not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.”  Amos 8:11

Question:  “What first hand knowledge do you have concerning the famine in our world?”

For me, I rely much on what others, who are positioned in the places, report.  For example, we are partnering with Hope for the Future in Malawi Africa.   I have attached a link at the end.

In our partnership we have seen first hand the hunger of 2 million people.  Our church along with other churches have partnered to provide food for as many people as we can.

Question:  “Is this the famine spoken of by the Prophet Amos?”  Answer, “No.”  Amos is speaking about the famine of the gospel.  The people of Israel had turned their ears away from God and God had removed his presence from them.

Think it through:

This is a tragic picture of most places in our world today.  Yes, we have a great need to care for the poor (James 1:26-27) and we have a great need to help those who face famine (Luke 3:12-14).  However, the greatest need is to sow the seed of the gospel in places of famine.

This day I want to challenge you to do several things:

  • Begin now to pray for the entire world to hear the gospel (Operation World has a great resource to help in this).
  • Begin now to discover ways in how you can personally share the gospel in places of famine.
  • Seek out partners that will join hands in touching places of famine.  (We at FBC partner with the IMB of the SBC.  We also partner with Hope for the Future, BMDMI, and many stateside agencies to get the gospel to the world).
  • Fan the flame of the gospel in your own church.  This is where it must begin!!!

“Heal our land Lord through a hunger for the gospel.” 

© Mission2Malawi.


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