The Thing (II Samuel 11; Psalm 61-62; Ezekiel 18; II Corinthians 4)

“And when the mourning was over, David sent and brought her to his house, and she became his wife and bore him a son.  But the thing displeased the Lord.”  II Samuel 11:27

In one verse God display’s his displeasure with the actions of David in II Samuel 11.  Question, “Do you and I ever do “the thing” called displeasing the Lord?”

Think it through:

II Samuel 11 is one of the most written about chapters in all the Bible.  There was a time when most, in the Bible belt would know about this story. But that day is long behind us.  Consider this:

  • Many in the world have never heard anything from the Bible.
  • Still many others live every day with the story of II Samuel 11 as a part of the daily routine of life.
  • Still others follow false teachers who reason away the sin in II Samuel 11

Let’s for a moment consider the sin in II Samuel 11.  David sins in two ways:

  1. He breaks the Law of God

Here David breaks at least 4 commandments:  Murder, Anger, Lying, and Coveting his neighbors wife.

2.  He belittles life

When David hears the news of Uriah’s death and the other solders he belittles their lives.  His sin has left him hardened to what he has caused.

In this moment God speaks, “the thing David did displeased the Lord.”

Brothers and sisters I cannot possible explain the depths and heights of the weight of this moment!!!  All I can say is this, “We need a Savior!!!”

Our needed response:

In this moment David has lost his witness, his strength of leadership, peace in his family and in his nation, and his perspective of faith.

Here is where we cry out:

  • “We are reminded of our own sinfulness.”

David walked closer to God than we possibly could.  We are at best sinners in need of great grace, Ephesians 2:8-9.

  • “We are reminded of our great need of a Savior.”

David could not save himself in this moment.  God’s displeasure is always followed by His judgement.

  • We are reminded of our Great Savior who has provided a Great Salvation.”
    • Our hope is planted firmly in him, Acts 2:35-36
    • Our victory over the thing is in Christ alone, Revelation 5:5 “the Root of David has conquered.”

This very day I want the world to know there is one greater than David who has provided a way for us to overcome the thing!!!


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