What is God thinking? (I Corinthians 2; I Samuel 20; Psalm 36; Lamentations 5)

“For who knows a person’s thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him?  So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God,” I Corinthians 2:11

Vester Lee Flanagan’s actions are now being question as to the why by many around the world, the day after his killing of 2 TV news workers in Roanoke Va.  The headlines from yesterday read as follows, “Killer had long history of erratic behavior.”  The articles writer quested, “What was this man thinking?”

When bad thinks happen, we often ask the questions that have no answers.  We really will not know, this side of heaven, what was in this man’s mind when he committed murder.

Now there are times when we are tempted to look at our circumstances and to ask God, “What are you thinking?”

Think it through:

As Paul writes to the Corinthian church we know his theme at the end of chapter 1 is boasting in the Lord.  In chapter 2 Paul continues to life up the Lord.

  • Paul boasts in the Lord’s work, Vs: 1-4

The message that had success in Corinth was totally because of the work of the Holy Spirit.  Paul was filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Word of God.  This should be the desire of every Christian leader.

  • Paul boasts in the Lord’s wisdom, Vs: 5-16

Paul is able to impart wisdom to those who are mature in Christ.  Paul is unable to impart wisdom to those who do not know Christ.  The truth is clear, “Only those who know Christ and are seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit can understand what God is thinking.”

Paul wanted the Corinthian church to return to boasting in God’s work and in God’s wisdom.  This would be the only way they would be able to understand God’s wisdom for their lives. This would bring the needed unity among the body.  At the same time the church needed to rely on the Spirit of God and the Word of God to bring to life those who are dead in trespasses and sins.

In the midst of this chapter we also see the truth:  “The wisdom of the world does not understand the thinks of God.”  It is true, “I do not know what Vester was thinking when he committed murder.  However I do know what he was not thinking, “He was not thinking about God’s will in the matter.”

Our needed response:

Lord, “speak to me in your Word and lead me to understand and obey your Word through the Spirit’s wisdom.”

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