The struggle for integrity (I Samuel 12; Psalm 26-27; Jeremiah 49; Romans 10)

“Prove me, O Lord, and try me; test my heart and my mind.  For your steadfast love is before my eyes, and I walk in your faithfulness.”  Psalm 26:2-3

Ours has become a world where it seems there are less and less people who are walking in integrity.  Yesterday I was reading about Jared Fogle (the recently fired spokesman for Subway).  This seemingly great guy who lost a ton of weight with a Subway died had another side to him.  You can read the story here:

Report: Subway spokesman Jared Fogle to accept plea deal on charges of possessing child porn

Certainly there are no righteous among us who never sin.  But has God not called each of us (as Christ-followers) to a different lifestyle?

David in Psalm 26 sets before us the need of walking in integrity before God.  It is clear, when one walks in integrity before God, he or she can walk in integrity before me.

Think it through:

Consider the Prophet Samuel in I Samuel 12.  R.C. Sproul comments:  “With Samuel’s farewell speech, we come to the end of the time of the judges in Israel’s history.”  Cited from Pg. 393, “The Reformation Study Bible”

During the time of the judges, “there was no king in Israel and every man did what was right in his own eyes.”

Now there was a king in Israel, but the people were still sinning against God.  Standing opposite such lifestyles was the Prophet Samuel who evidenced three traits that are necessary for making impact in a world that struggles with integrity:

  • Samuel evidenced true character, Vs: 1-5

The prophet of God challenges the people to research his life.  He challenges the people to seek to find any skeleton in the closet or any hidden sin under a rock.  God has transformed this prophet.

  • Samuel evidenced true competency, Vs: 6-13

The prophet of God understood the history of his people.  He understood the sovereign workings of a Holy God.  He made clear what was happening in his world.  Question, “Can you and I do the same?”

  • Samuel evidenced true conviction, Vs: 14-25

This man evidences his convictions before the people.  He both pray’s for and presents the truth before the people.

Our response:

When we read Paul’s instruction concerning true faith we see the same path being placed before us that Samuel lived.  This day I challenge you to read Romans 10 with the desire to have these same spiritual traits in your life.

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