How We Operate (Romans 8; I Samuel 10; Jeremiah 47; Psalm 23-24)

“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death,” Romans 8:2

Each week my computer has automatic updates to my operating system.  Usually on Monday my computer will ask me whether I want to update my operating systems or not.  Some weeks, I respond with a yes.  Other weeks I respond, ask me later.  And occasionally I will respond with no.

Question:  “What is the spiritual operating system in your life?”

Think it through:

Because of Christ, we who follow him have been set free from our old operating system (i.e. the Law of the Flesh).  As Christ followers you and I can now operate in the Law of the Spirit.  However do we choose to daily say, “yes to the Law of the Spirit?”

Notice how Paul describes the two operating systems in Romans 8:

  • The Old operating system

This system is the one we are born with and it is under the condemnation of God, Vs: 1.  This system of life is hostile to God, Vs: 7.  This system cannot please God, Vs: 8.  Be assured, this system is dead, Vs: 5

  • The New operating system

This system is approved by God, Vs: 3-4.  This system has life in God, Vs: 11-12.

Which system is operating in your life?

Our needed response:

Beginning in Vs: 12 through the end of the chapter Paul teaches us how we should respond:

  • We should live as debtors (owe God our lives) to Christ in putting to death the old operating system, Vs: 12-13.
  • We should live life as God’s adopted Children, Vs: 13-17.
  • We should live in hope of the adoption, Vs: 18-25.
  • We should live according to His purposes, Vs: 26-30

If this is how you and I are operating, we are assured of this reality, “If God be for us, then who can be against us.”

Application:  If you are living in fear, frustration, or in the flesh, you must own the system you are operating in.  You must also confess it as sin and turn from this system.  Then you must cry out for God’s Spirit to fill you with fresh perspective and power so that you can do His will.

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