A Piece of Gold in the midst of rocks (Job 15; I Corinthians 3)

“What is man. that he can be pure?  Or he who is born of a woman, that he can be righteous?”  Job 15:14

One of the joys of living in America is the freedom of speech.  Admittedly there are certainly many abuses of this freedom, but still yet we celebrate the right to speak.  During political campaigns people often speak out against their political opponents.  This is sometimes referred to as, “throwing rocks.”  Often these rocks are misinformed statements that are sought to turn people away from a particular candidate.

In some sense Job’s friend Eliphaz is doing this to Job.  Eliphaz is sharply rebuking Job for maintaining his innocence before God.  Here are the rocks he is throwing:

  • Job speaks as one who does not fear God, Vs; 4.
  • Job speaks as one who thinks he has all wisdom, Vs; 7-8.
  • Job speaks as one who thinks he knows more than the elders, Vs: 9-10.

By this time, I think, those who were standing by were getting tired of the rock throwing.  But suddenly there is a piece of Gold that comes from the lips of Job’s friend:

“What is man, that he can be pure? Or he who is born of a woman, that he can be righteous?”

Think it through:

  1. It is true:  “All men are born as sinners in rebellion against God.”
  2. It is true:  “No man can make himself right with God.”

In this moment, the gold is beaming.”  But the question comes, “What hope does man have?”  In his present condition there is only one option for his eternity.  Yes, eternity apart from God in hell, Revelation 20:11-14.

In this moment we discover Eliphaz is only able to point to man’s ailment!!!  He knows not God’s antidote.

But praise be to God, there is an antidote:

“If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.  But if we wall in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all unrighteousness.”  I John 1:6-7

The antidote is Jesus!!!  This is how a man is made right before God.

Our response:

If you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Take the antidote today!

If you are like Eliphaz?  Do more than point out the ailment, tell people of the antidote.

Praise to our God for giving us the antidote for our sin!!!

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