Safely Through (Acts 28; Esther 5)

“After we were brought safely through, we learned that the island was called Malta.”  Acts 28:1

“And when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, she won favor in his sight…Esther 5:2

For a moment consider how you would feel if God spoke the following over your life, “You will be brought safely through.” Brothers and sisters, the previous statement has brought me much comfort and clarity over the many years of my walk with Jesus.

This morning you may be facing trials of great proportion as was both Paul and Esther?  But one thing is for sure, “As a Christ follower you will be brought safely through.

Think it through:

Paul finds himself in the midst of a great storm (Acts 27) but he arrives safely at the shore.  Acts 28 gives us the details of his safe arrival in Rome. Consider two facts:

  1. The Lord’s Sovereign grace is always sufficient, Vs: 1-10
    1. Here is a short list of God’s sufficiency in Paul’s life
      1. Safely through the storm
      2. Safely through a snake bit
      3. Safely through the need of supplies of food
      4. Safely through to the very city God had promised he would come too!!
  2. The Lord’s Sovereign grace is always successful, Vs: 11-28

Every step of the way Paul is able to be successful in sharing the gospel.  Paul’s story is filled with moment by moment sovereign grace.  Notice I did not say, “his life was filled with only good times.”  Paul faced much hardship (this is a result of a broken world), however he was taken safely through.

When we consider Esther we see the same truths alive in her life in chapter 5.  Her life is a model for all who walk by faith.  It was not easy in her life as well, but a sovereign God was at work.

Our response:

Both you and I can identify with the trials of life.  We too live in a broken world.  The question is, “Do we trust in our Sovereign God to see us through?” I think of the words of Job, “Though he slay me, I will trust him.”  Job knew that he would arrive safely through the trials he was facing.  This very day I am compelled to do the following:

  • Pray for all who are facing trials of life.  May each see the sovereign hand of God at work in their lives.
  • Trust in the God of my salvation.  I believe He is able (II Timothy 1:12).
  • Spend my life in making impact through His glory being lived out in and through my daily trials.

I pray God compels you to do these things in response to your trials.

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