True Thanksgiving (Luke 11; Micah 2)

“And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened unto you.”  Luke 11:9

On this day, America celebrates a national Holiday, “Thanksgiving.”  This day has been set aside for our nation to give thanks to God for all she has been given.  Sadly, for most people this will simply be a day of something else other than true thanksgiving.

Before us in Luke 11 we find a passage, Vs: 5-14 where Jesus teaches us about the importance and blessing of prayer.

The chapter begins with the disciples wanted to be taught how to pray.  Jesus gladly gives them an outline for praying:

There must be adoration and alignment (We must come before God in submitting our preferences to his preferences).

We are to both petition God for our needs as well as confess our sins to God.

We are to forgive others and we are seek his protection of our lives. 

This model prayer is followed by a true reason for giving thanks.  Jesus teaches us the following:

I.  We are to pray consistently (Daily coming to ask, seek, and to find).

II.  We are to pray confidently (Daily we come before a God who loves us and will provide for what we need).

III.  We are to pray with clarity (Daily we are to ask the Holy Spirit to guide our prayer life).

Think it through:

On this Thanksgiving day, you and I as followers of Christ have the honor of coming before the God of the universe.  This God loves us and He is at work within us!!!

Our response:

This day and every day we must spend time with God.  This truly gives us a reason to give thanks!!!

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