He never forgets (Amos 8; Luke 3)

“The Lord has sworn by the pride of Jacob; Surely I will never forget any of their deeds,” Amos 8:7

A husband in the midst of an argument with his wife, said to her: “You have the mind of an elephant.”  She responded, “How so?”  To which he responded, “You never forget anything.”  Translation, “You never forgive anything.”

Question:  “Do you and I struggle with forgetting?”  An even more important question is this; “Does God struggle with forgetting?”

Think it through:

The prophet Amos is in the midst of recording God’s Word to the rebellious people of Israel and Judah.  In particular, chapter 8 leads us to make two observations:

1.  The deeds of Israel are clear, Vs: 4-6

These people are guilty of the following; “mistreating the poor, disregarding the Sabbath, and dishonestly in business practices.”

2.  The destruction of Israel is coming, Vs: 7-14

The payday will be severe.  Consider the following:  “a mighty army will come reaching destruction like that of a flood, creation will turn against the people, there will be mourning everywhere, the Word of God will cease, and in the end total destruction.”

In this moment I wonder, “What hope is there for such a people?”  At the same time I wonder, what hope is there for our nation that is guilty of the same deeds as Israel?

Will God forget our sins?

Brothers and sisters, God’s answer is clear, “Forgiveness must proceed forgetfulness.”  

You and I must confess our sins to God, repent of our sins, and chose to walk in a different path.  When this happens, “God will forget our sins because they have been paid for on the cross.”

Our response:

This day I challenge you to reach the following passages of scripture, “Micah 6:8; 7:17-19, Colossians 2:12-14, Hebrews 9:9-13, Romans 3:11-25.

This day I challenge you to pray for the nations in that they might come to know the only one who can bring them to a place of forgiveness and freedom!!!

2 Responses to “He never forgets (Amos 8; Luke 3)”

  1. Michael Says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for making me righteous apart from the law because I cannot fulfil it. Question: Since Christ’s followers are no longer under the law because Jesus’s sacrifice fulfilled it, are non believers still condemned by the law or guilty solely of unbelief?

    • keithjoseph Says:

      Great question. Just for reminder sake, “Men have always been condemned because they are sinners in rebellion against God.” The Law came as a way of showing men their sinfulness (Romans 7 makes this clear). The law according to Paul in I Timothy 1:9-11 is for the lawless.

      Jesus came according to Matthew 5:17-20 as the only one who could fulfill the law. This is how he is able to redeem law breakers.

      So to the question, “Are unbelievers under the law?” Men are judged as rebels, the Law is used to show them that they fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). The law has not changed. Only grace makes the difference.

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