Blessed More Than We Realize (Psalm 44; Ezekiel 6)

“Rise up, come to our help!  Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love,”Psalm 44:26

Last Wednesday our youngest son celebrated his 13th birthday.  I am so thankful to God for all His kindness to our family over the years.  Truly, “God has blessed us far more than we realize.”

This truth was brought home to me as I read the headlines last week.  Here was one headline, “Boy shot and killed on his birthday.”  A West Georgia boy celebrated his 13th birthday with his family and went to bed, finally making the teenage years.  But he would not have another day.  While asleep in his bed, a gang member entered their apartment and shot this young boy as simply the first step in earning the right to be in a gang.

I honestly thought, “Why have I been so blessed.”

Think it through:

The people of Israel are enduring horrific moments, Vs: 9-16.  In days gone by, Vs: 1-8, God has protected and provided for his people.  But now, in this moment, both shame and slaughter characterize the horrific moment the people were facing.

The Psalmist investigates his own heart, Vs: 18-19.  He has not turned aside from following God.

Notice how he cries out to God:

1.  He cries out in frustration:

“Lord have you been asleep?  Lord are you being unkind?”

Brothers and sisters, there are moments when we worry toward God with unfounded thoughts.

2.  He cries out in faith:

“Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love.”

Brothers and sisters, “God’s love for us is based not upon who we are, but upon who He is.”  Paul writing to the Ephesian church comments, “For God is rich in grace and mercy,” Ephesians 2:4

It is our God who understands mistreatment and murder.  His only Son face the cruelty of the cross for one reason, “Because He loves us.”  On this day, I am reminded that I am blessed more than I realize.

Our response:

Consider how blessed you are this day!  Spend time praising God for His many blessings in your life.  Spend time praying for those who especially need his grace during times of trial.  Finally, keep your focus, not on the burdens of now, but on the blessings that await us because of His mercy!!

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