The joy of waiting (Psalm 25, Jeremiah 28)

“Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame; they shall be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous.”  Psalm 25:3

One of my many weaknesses is the weakness of waiting.  I am in the group of people who proclaim to God, “Give me patience and give it to me now.”  I am also one who struggles with waiting to see something accomplished.  I see the end result God intends, but I struggle with the waiting.  However, I am learning ever so slowly, the joy of waiting!

Our Bible reading for today is a great reminder of the joy of waiting.  David, as is often the case in Psalms, is facing enemies.  He cries out to God in trust, Vs: 1-2.  It is clear that in this moment he has not seen the end intended by the Lord.  However, he trusts in the process of waiting.

Think it through:

I.  David is actively waiting, Vs: 3-5

As he waits, David is in the process of exploration, “Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths.”  

Brothers and sisters, God has much to teach us along the journey if we are willing to explore our circumstances.

As he waits, David is in the process of endurance, “For you I wait all the day long.”

Brothers and sisters, God is teaching us trust and truth of His great power in our days.  Do not ask to get through something before you have discovered God’s great power in the journey itself.

II.  David is amazed in his waiting, Vs: 6-10

As he actively waits, he is reminded of how he has sinned so many times, in particular during the early days of his faith.  He is amazed at how God has given grace and continues to give grace in the journey.

Brothers and sisters, God’s grace is for the purpose of forgiveness but also for the purpose of leading us to faithfulness in Him.

III. David is offering amazing worship, Vs: 11-21

David is in AWE of God (Those who fear you).  God has entered into covenant with David.  God has cleansed David, “Consider my affliction and my trouble, and forgive all my sin.”  

Brothers and sisters, each day you and I must see the wonder of our God who leads us along the path of life.  He is worthy of praise while we wait.

Our response:

Here is David’s final resolve in Vs: 21, ““For I wait for you.” The Apostle Peter encourages us with this same truth in I Peter 1:5-9, “We will obtain the outcome of our faith, the salvation of our souls.  May this be our resolve as we wait!!! 

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