Paying a great price (Jeremiah 26, Mark 12)

‘But as for me, I am in your hands.  Do with me as seems good and right to you.” Jeremiah 26:14

Yes, it is true, “The price of everything has gone up.”  I never thought I would pay the prices I pay for gas each time I fill up my tank.  But as the world economy changes, so changes the price.

Question, “Have you ever complained about elevated prices?”  Certainly all of us would have to answer, “Yes.”

Consider the following:  Anything of value will be costly to our lives.

Think it through:

In the book of Jeremiah we discover how costly obeying God really was for Jeremiah.  In this chapter he has been arrested and is facing those who would take his life.  By the grace of God he would be spared this death.

Look deeply behind the scenes.  Jeremiah was paying a great price because he was simply giving forth the Word of God.

In many places in our world, this same circumstance is taking place.

Maybe you are not facing the price of your life on a cross, but still you are facing a great price.

1.  You are a mother, who pays the price of long hours in sharing your life with your children.  Be assured the price is worth it, when you see your children coming to the Lord and serving the Lord.

2.  You are a father, who pays the price of giving of yourself to your family.  Be assured the price is worth it, when you experience the maturity of faith in your family.

3.  You are a son or daughter, who is paying a great price for serving the Lord.  Be assured it will be worth it when you stand before Jesus to receive the great reward for your sacrifice.

Our response:

Is the Lord dealing with you about some area where it seems He is asking you to pay a great price?  Your answer will depend on the amount of love you have for Jesus.  In Mk. 12 the widow gave out of her substance.  She gave all she had. Yes, this was a great price.  But there was great reward in that her story encourages us to be a people who give to Jesus out of love.

I want to challenge you to be willing to sacrifice whatever it takes for God’s glory to be made known.  Truly it is worth it.

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