Responding to the indictment (Jeremiah 25, Mark 11)

“The clamor will resound to the ends of the earth, for the Lord has an indictment against the nations, he is entering into judgment with all flesh, and the wicked he will put to the sword, declares the Lord.”  Jeremiah 25:31

Imagine the horror of receiving a summons to appear in court!  I have had to appear in court on two different occasions as a character witness for two different people.  I can still remember how nervous I was, even though I was not the one on trial.

This days scripture reading in Jeremiah reminds us of the following fact, “Someday the entire world will stand before God to be judged.”

Think it through:

The prophet of God is tasked with giving forth the indictment against Judah, Vs: 6, “you have not obeyed the voice of God’s Words.”

Israel would face 70 years of captivity because of her rebellion against God.  When Jeremiah read the indictment, there was no need for rebuttal because the indictment is truthful.  All that remained was for the sentence to be carried out.

Brothers and sisters, this same indictment is in our lives.  We have also rebelled against God.  We are awaiting the judgment to come.  We along with the nations of the world are facing the cup of God’s Wrath!!!

What is our hope?  What should be our response?

We have only one hope, “Jesus Christ.”  Our hope is that we can settle out of court!!!  We have the opportunity by grace to go free because of the substitutionary atonement of Jesus!  Check out I John 2:1-2

This morning I do not fear entering God’s court simply because I have settled out of court.

Your response:

Have you settled out of court?  If not, do so today!!!

Do others know, they can settle out of court? You and I must spread this news around the world.

Are you a part of the support group of people who have settled out of court?  If not, join one of these groups today.  These groups are called, “a local church.”

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