Tradition Vs Truth (Mark 7, Jeremiah 21)

“You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men.”  Mk. 7:8

One of the toughest moments in a teacher’s life is when one of his or her students decides to reject their teaching.  I can remember Paul’s shock with the people in the church at Galatia.  He thought it unimaginable that the people would “turn so soon to another gospel,”  Gal. 1:6

Brothers and sisters, “Truth is always under attack.”  Today’s passage in the Gospel of Mark should be a powerful reminder of our need to known the truth.

Think it through:  

The religious leaders have elevated the oral law (unwritten) to an equal value or even higher value than God’s Word.  These leaders claimed that Moses spoke more laws that the one’s given in His Word.  To these they laid the greater emphasis in carrying out.

To this Jesus addressed Himself in Mark 7.

At best tradition is a covering for the outside of man.  It covers the inner corruption of the heart.  But deeper still only God’s truth can change the heart.  Out of the heart flows the reality of our lives.

Only God’s truth can change the heart!!!

Question, “Are you fighting for truth or are you fighting for your tradition?”  I want to fight for the truth!!!

Our response:

Each day we must test our viewpoints against the Word of God.  Each day we must choose to forsake the tradition and follow the truth.  This may be hard for some who have followed tradition so very long that it has become in their minds, truth.  But the journey is worth it because we should want to be different from the inside out and not just the outside only.

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