Working at the Wheel (Jeremiah 17, Mark 3)

“So I went down to the potters house, and there he was working at his wheel.”  Jeremiah 17:3

Question, “Who is at the wheel in your life?”  This question assumes that one understands the metaphorical connection in the question.  In a car, it is the steering wheel that is connected to the tires in-order to govern the direction the car will travel.  In the car of your life, someone or something is at the wheel.

Consider this reality:  In infancy it is the stomach that steers the child to crying.  In childhood it is the passion that steers the child to explore everything.  In the teenager years it is the flesh that steers the student to want to do their own thing.  In the college years it is the steering wheel of individuality that leads them in different directions.  Finally in the adult years, it is the steering wheel of adventure that keeps us on certain paths.

Bottom line:  Through it all one is governed by someone or something that is steering the wheel of life.

Consider what God is teaching Jeremiah through the metaphor of a potter at the wheel working the clay.

Think it through:

As the earthly potter is at the wheel working physical clay so is God at the wheel of humanity working as He chooses for His glory.

Unlike the earthly potter who works with clay that is already in existence, God creates the clay he works with (Ephesians 1:4).  The early potter had in his mind what he wanted to create, so to does God have in His mind what He wants to create in us (Psalm 51:10).  The earthly potter works with the clay and so to does God work with the clay of His people (Hebrews 12:5-11).

Footnote:  “If the clay does not conform to the potters hand, he will refashion the clay.”  In a similar way, “When God’s people do not conform to the work of His hand, He chastens the spiritual clay to make them as He intends for them to be.”

Judah would not conform to God’s hand.  She wanted to be at the wheel of her own life.  She wanted to design her own course in life and she wanted to direct her own course in life.  The result was captivity and cave-in.  She became a worthless piece of pottery.

In Mark 4 Jesus speaks about 4 kinds of soil (Soil turns into mud when water is added, hence clay can come).  Only the soil that is receptive to the makers hand (Word or direction) produces a crop!!!

Our response:

Are you at the wheel of your life?  If so, expect rough roads ahead.  If this is you, “repent of this action.”  Surrender the wheel to the only one who can take you in purposeful directions!!!

Is God at the wheel of your life?  If so, trust in that He knows what He is doing.  Walk in faith through every shaping moment.  Check out Mark 4:35-41.

Heavenly Father, “You alone are Lord of the wheel of my life.  Direct me in correct paths for your glory.”  

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