Does Anyone Care? (Isaiah 63, Matthew 11)

“For you are our Father, though Abraham does not know us, and Israel does not acknowledge us; you, O Lord, are our Father, our Redeemer from of old is your name,”  Isaiah 63:16

Last week the FBI conducted its 8th week-long crackdown on sex trafficking in the Us.  168 children were rescued from 106 cities.  All together over 3,000 children have been rescued this year.  We give praise and honor to Jesus.  The director of the FBI was quoted as saying, “We were greatly encouraged to be able to be this successful, but at the same time we were broken because many of these children had never been reported as even missing.”

Brothers and sisters, as I read this statement, my heart broke.  I wondered, “Why did these parents not report their children missing?”  At the same time, I asked myself this question, “Does anyone care?”

This morning, we see the caring heart of Isaiah as he pleads with God the Father concerning his countrymen who were in exile.  It is clear that Isaiah knows it is God who has placed them here and he knows it is God who is judging them.

You and I must also know that this is a picture of the wrath of God that is to come upon the whole world (Rev. 14:14-18).

Isaiah is encouraged as he remembers the works of God which were from of old.  “In his love, and in his pity he redeemed them, he lifted them up and carried them all the days of old.”

Isaiah is compelled to plead for God to work in the present for the deliverance of his people.

Think it through:

Why would Isaiah come before God in a time of trouble?  Answer, “Because God cares!”  Brothers and sisters, God cares for each of us.  Paul writing in the book of Romans reminds us that we have been adopted into God’s family (8:15).  We are His children and He never forgets us.  He never turns from us and He never leaves us to ourselves.

In our New Testament reading we are reminding of Gods compelling love in calling us to come to Him in order to receive rest (Matt. 11:28-29).

Our response:

We should rebuke the thoughts that no one cares for us.  This day you are highly favored by God.

We should reach out to those in whom God cares.  They do not know that God cares.  Many are living in a society where no one has ever loved them.  Let us show them the love of Christ this very day.

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