The Gospel’s power (Isaiah 55; Matthew 3)

“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the things for which I send it.” Isaiah 55:11

Here they were, 100 children that were coming to VBS for the very first time.  Our church was in many ways not ready for the extra 100 children that came last week.  But they came and our church did the one thing we knew to do, “We proclaimed the beauty and blessing of the gospel.”  In the end we saw the power of God as 30 children responded to the gospel.

Consider this fact, “The gospel never returns without results.”

Think it through:

This was an amazing fact that is communicated by Isaiah in chapter 55.  As you read this chapter you will once again be captured by the amazing prophetic understanding of Isaiah concerning the coming ministry of Jesus!!!  Isaiah once again looks ahead to Jesus ministry and shows us His wonderful covenant work.  Consider the following:

1.  God’s grace has always been free, Vs: 1-5

We are reminded that salvation is a gift that cannot be purchased with money.  Men strive to purchase things that do not satisfy.

2.  God’s grace always bears fruit, Vs: 6-11

God’s grace always reaches out to men and gives them the call, “To seek the Lord.”  Often men are confused about the call.  The Lord calls men in many different circumstances, but always the experience of grace comes in the same way.  Men are called to forsake their way and come to the Lord who will abundantly pardon.

Everyone who comes to Jesus, by grace, is changed by the Lord.

Our response:

The obvious response should be the same as the prophet Isaiah.  We must be giving the invitation for people to come to Jesus.  Here is the deal, “If we proclaim grace, people will be saved.”  If we practice grace, we will be changed.”

In the New Testament we see the struggle of so many of the Jewish people to understand this.  For example, in John 6 we see a great crowd following Jesus. John 6:27-35.  But at the end of the day, they did not want grace, they wanted something else.  God’s power to save was there, but men chose to follow a different path.  Today I pray that men and women the world over will come and accept the invitation of grace.  This is what I am going to give myself to in this day!!!

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