“Forever,” Revelation 22; Isaiah 52

“And night will be no more.  They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.”  Rev. 22:5

Just how long is forever?  This question has been debated so many times, but the best description I ever hear was as follows:  “In the time that it would take a raven to carry all the sand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean one beak at a time, this is how long one day will be in forever.”  This is an amazing fact considering that most of us are only living for the moment.

Consider John’s last recorded Revelation found in Revelation 22.  After God has redeemed the world through the removal of Satan and the removal of all rebels, we see the beauty of forever.

Think it through:

I.  John sees the river of life, Vs: 1-5

This river pictures the life given to us in Christ (John 7:37-39).  Those in forever have experienced the curse being removed.  Those in forever will live with all the accursed things removed.  This is truly eternal life.

II. John speaks of the coming of the ruler of life, Vs; 6-10

Before He comes those who think nothing of forever will be living in their evil state.  They will still be doing evil.  But those in whom God has brought to eternal life, they will do right!

III.  The right to life, Vs; 14-22

John reminds us that it is because of the blood of Jesus that we have been given the right to life.  In the forever we will be able to drink of the water of life, forever and ever!!!

This is an amazing reality to those of us who are dealing with the mortality of our flesh.  There will be no forever in this flesh. But praise be to God, there is forever in Christ.

Our response:

Cease making plans for the temporary and begin to daily live in light of the forever.

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