One Last Call (Isaiah 49, Rev. 18)

“Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plaques,”  Rev. 18:4

I remember the moment so distinctly, “I was waiting in the airport for my connection flight.”  I was almost home.  As I sat there I found myself watching the people who were boarding the flight before me.  There were those who were anxious.  They were standing and waiting for the first opportunity to board the plane.  Still there were others who were comfortable waiting.  They knew the routine and they would respond when called.  However there was one person who seemed to not care about the boarding time.  They were so focused on going to the bar that they walked by the boarding gate and did not even hear the calls to board.  Finally the person got up and came to the gate.  But the gate had already closed.  They had been so locked into the moment of worldliness that they never heard the call.

As John records the account of the fall of the world system, it seems as if the people who are a part of the system are caught off guard at the last call.  Notice two things:

1.  In the last days the world system will be totally demonic controlled, Vs: 1-3

2.  In the last days the world system will be totally destroyed because of its corruption, Vs: 4-19

Think it through:

God is going to pay back the world for its daily rebellion, Vs:6.  God will humble a world that in its pride believes it is beyond the judgment of God.

John says this judgment happens in what seems be the span of one hour.  When this judgment comes the people will mourn and they will be at their wit’s end as what to do.

It was the same way with the guy at the gate.  He tried to make the attendant to open the gate.  But it was too late, the plane had left.

Revelation 18 helps us to see that there is coming a day when all that is wrong will be made right.  The question then comes, “What should be my response to all that I see?”

Our response:

We should rejoice for the day (Vs: 20).  Satan will be defeated.  The enemies of God will be destroyed!!!

We should reach out until the day (Vs: 21-23).  The people who are represented in these verses each have a soul that desperately needs the Lord.

I found myself ashamed at the airport because I remember thinking, “This guy got what he deserved because he ignored the calls.”  In that moment I was reminded of the grace of God in awakening my heart to His call.

“Lord, us me to be your mouth peace to give the call to all men to come to Jesus!”  

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