Finally, some good news (Revelation 1, Isaiah 31)

“Behold a King will reign in righteousness…” Isaiah 32:1

This morning I found the greatest of encouragement as I turned my Bible to both my Old and New Testament readings.  In both passages I was turned away from the bad news of this world to the good news that comes from the world above, “Mainly the throne where God is firmly seated!!!”

Question:  “How much bad news have you taken in this week?”  For me, it has been a lot.  Here is my assessment of what I have taken in, “We live in a broken world with broken people who have broken ways of living life.”  

In this moment we know that such thinking often will pull us down from the correct perspective of life.

This is why you and I must daily fill our minds with the Word of God.  God’s Word is life to us and in the context of Revelation one, “A blessing to all who read and obey what is in the word.”

Think it through:

In Revelation one we are reminded of three abiding truths:

1.  We are blessed to know that Jesus will soon redeem all the broken things in our world.

2.  We are blessed to know that Jesus has already redeemed us (Those who have responded correctly to the gospel).

3.  We are blessed to know that Jesus will soon return for us (Those who are His).

Because of this we can have a great response to all that is wrong in the world, “We can fear not…”

Our response:

We see the one who is firmly planted on the throne and we know that He is sovereignly in charge of the events of this life.  We can trust Him and we can truly give our world the good news they so desperately need.

So on this Friday, you have good news.  Believe it and share it with all you meet today!!!

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