It’s all up to you (Isaiah 22; II Peter 3)

“The Lord of hosts has revealed himself in my ears: surely this iniquity will not be atoned for you until you die, says the Lord of Hosts.” Isaiah 22:14

The weight was more than I could bear, my flesh was making it worse as thoughts of what was ahead filled my every thought.  To make matters worse, the enemy was throwing every obstacle before my eyes.  In this moment I thought, “It’s all up to me.”

Question:  “Can you identify with the previous scenario?”  The fact is, many people find themselves enduring times of great mental, spiritual, and even physical suffering because they attempt to do life all by themselves.

Think it through:

Isaiah is writing about the weight that is about to be placed on Judah because of her desire to do life all by herself.  In this chapter we see the fall-out of such living:

1.  These people were trusting in leaders that would run away when judgment came, Vs: 3

A true person of God would do as Isaiah did in weeping over the sin and judgment of their people.

2.  These people were choosing to ignore the coming judgment, Vs:12

They focused on eating and drinking in the joy of the moment.

3.  These people would not be able (on their own) to atone for their sin, Vs: 14

It seems that no one understood what position they found themselves in!!!  It seems that no one was willing to admit they needed help from an outside source!!!

Brothers and sisters, it is much the same way today as we encounter people who place their hopes in things that place them in the position to have to make atonement for their own sins.

Here is the bottom line, “All will come up short.”

Our response:  

You and I must come to the place where we admit we are unmanageable in our own strength.  You and I must come to the place where we submit to Jesus Christ who is the only one who can atone for our sins.  He also is the only one who can give us the power to overcome sin!!!

Praise God, it is all up to Him!!!

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