A Warning For Every Marriage (Proverbs 5; Galatians 4)

“Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well.”  Proverbs 5:16

The day of the wedding was awesome.  Both husband and wife stood before the minister with intoxicating love for each other. The couple exchanged vows and rings.  The coming together of two lives into one life was clear for all to see.  Everyone thought, “This couple will be the model couple for the world to see.”  But a few years later this same couple stood before a judge in divorce court.  The wife stood there with tears in her eyes and her husband stood there with a blank stare.

Question:  “What happened to this couple?” Answer, “They failed to heed the warning given by Solomon.”

Proverbs chapter five continues to drip with the foundational truth of God’s Word, “Seek wisdom and understanding from God.”

Solomon gives us in chapter 5 wisdom concerning one particular attack against the family.  This attack is known as adultery.  Solomon gives a strong command in this chapter:  “Stay away from adultery.”

In Verses 3-11 we see a description of how the process of not staying away unfolds.  Some believe this downfall begins with the act, but Solomon teaches us that it begins with the attraction.  When a person ceases to be attracted to God’s wisdom, his or her heart begins to wander from what is right.  “I did not listen to the voice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors.”

Warning:  “There are those who read this blog without even the slightest thought that they are in danger of this very sin.”

Solomon wrote of such a person:  “I am at the brink of utter ruin in the assembled congregation.”

Heed Solomon’s warning, “pay attention to God’s Word.”

When you and I pay attention to God’s Word we discover the following:

1.  Love the wife of your youth, Vs: 15-18

Solomon is speaking about loving the one you started with.  Never take your eyes and heart off the one whom you held by the hand at the start.

Certainly there are those who read this in whom have gone through brokenness and have now been given a second-chance.  This applies to the one you have been given a second-chance with. Love your spouse with a sincere love.

2.  Daily invest in the wife of your youth, Vs: 19

Every day investigate and invest in the one you love.  I can honestly say that after almost 22 years I am more in love with Sherry than I was the day we were married.  The reasons why span the story of 22 years of growing in love and growing in awe of who she is in Christ.

I leave you with Solomon’s challenge, “Be intoxicated always in her love.”

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