Where Can I Find It? (Job 28; I Corinthians 14)

“But where shall wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding?”  Job 28:32

Last week, while having a lunch meeting with a dear brother, my wife texted me with a simple three item list of things she wanted me to pick up at Sam’s since my lunch meeting was so close.  As soon as my meeting was completed, I found myself on a quest to retrieve these items.  Two were fairly easy, but the third was a challenge.  Yes I know I should have asked for help, but I am a man!!!  After a good search, I determined the product was no longer available.  I felt that I was successful in 2 out of 3 items.  At least until I got home and discovered that I had gotten the wrong brand in one of the two items.  So goes the quest for finding what my wife needed.

In a much more significant search, Job is seeking wisdom in his present circumstances.  In this chapter Job helps us to understand 4 things about wisdom.  Lets dig them out together:

1.  Wisdom’s price, Vs:18

Job teaches us that wisdom (true wisdom) is of greater value than the richest pearl ever produced in our world.  It cannot be obtained by men (on their own). Yes, men can mine gold and other precious metals.  Yes, men can do great feats in the world, but true wisdom escapes man.

2.  Wisdom’s possession, Vs: 23-27

God is the embodiment of wisdom.  He alone has established wisdom.

3.  Wisdom’s path, Vs: 28

God offer’s wisdom to all who turn from their sin and seek Him (This is the awe of God).

Think it through:

This is what it means to fear God.  As a follower of Christ I understand this to be the awe of God.  You and I can spend our entire lives mining the gold of God’s wisdom.  In the end, we will not have even come close to examining the extent of God’s wisdom.  For all of eternity we will be examining the gold of God’s wisdom.

4.  Wisdom’s productivity

As we turn from evil (Vs: 28) and pursue God, we will discover the impact in our daily lives.  Psalm 110:11 “The world will see the awe of God in our lives.”

Our take away:

I do not want the world to see me as a person who is spiritually wandering around the store of life looking for things that have no value.  I want to be seen as a person who is living in awe of God!

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