A desperate appeal (Job 24; I Corinthians 11)

“If it is not so, who will prove me to be a liar and show that there is nothing in what I say?”  Job 24:1

This morning my heart was greatly saddened to learn of the demise of another of God’s great warriors.  This warrior had led his church faithfully for many years.  But now he is no longer in the ministry because of a moral failure.  My heart breaks for the name of Christ and for the people of God.

This morning I am thankful to report, “Job had not failed God.”  Here in Job 24 we see the desperate appeal of Job to understand what was happening in his life.  By now, he is weary of the journey, but God will see him through.

As I prepared for this chapter, I had chapter 23 in the forefront of my thinking.  Look back to 23:10-12.  Notice the foundational facts that Job clung to in this moment:

1.  God was scrutinizing Jobs life (Accurate judgment), 23:10.

God was trying (testing Job).  Job’s confidence was in knowing that what God had worked in his life would be worked out.  Job makes three claims:

a.  I have walked in your ways without wavering.

Brothers and sisters, this is key in our lives.  We have to do more than talk faith we have to walk faith for the long haul.

b.  I have obeyed your commands.

Faith is useless unless it is a grounded faith.  Job understands the commands of God and He was obeying those commands.

c.  I have treasured your commands.

Job loved God’s Word.  It was the greatest treasure in his life.  This is why he was able to stay the course.  “I have stored up your word that I might not sin against you,”  Psalm 119:11

2.  God was sovereign in Job’s life, Vs: 13-17

In this season of life, Job did not understand everything about what God was doing. But one thing was for sure.  God knew what he was doing.  The Psalmist gave this same proclamation in Psalm 22:22-26.

Think in through:

In James 1:12 we see the same truth coming from the pen of James.  The fact is we all face the attack of the enemy and every day we have to be ready for the attack.

I want to encourage you with two actions items:

1.  Take personal responsibility for your own life,  James 1:13-15

2.  Take pleasure in knowing and doing the will of God from the heart, James 1:19-22

When these actions items occupy your life, you will not come to a demise but to a day when you will delight in bowing before the Lord in receiving the crown of life.

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