Who Are You to Judge Me? (Romans 2: Esther 7)

“Do you suppose, O man-you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself-that you will escape the judgment of God,”  Romans 2:3

The Apostle Paul begins chapter 2 in the book of Romans with a strong statement, “Therefore you have no excuse.”  In context, Paul knew that his Jewish readers would consider themselves not in the category of those previously mentioned in Romans 1:18-32.  Paul knew these readers prided themselves in being God’s chosen people.  This was clear to them in that they were possessors of the Law of God.

Paul reminds them of this fact:  “Possession of the law does not automatically translate into the practice of the law.”

The truth is, the law simply revealed to Israel that she was not capable of being right with God on her own.  But Israel would not believe this.  She lived a double life.  A life that outwardly seemed “Law abiding,” but inwardly, “Law breaking.”  She was no different from the world.

Paul sets forth one truth:  “Only God is qualified to judge.”  Out of this truth we discover two important points about judgment:

1.  God’s judgment rightly falls on humanity, Vs: 1-5

God is judging Israel as being without excuse.  Notice what this Judge sees:

a.  People who are condemning others for what they are secretly doing, Vs: 2

b.  People who are trampling on the grace of God, Vs: 3

c.  People whose hearts are clearly hard, Vs: 4-5

d.  People who are storing up wrath until the time comes, Vs: 5

2.  God’s judgment is rendered fairly to humanity, Vs: 6-11

a. Those who are self-seeking and self-serving will experience the wrath of God.

b.  Those who surrender their lives to Jesus will experience glory, honor, and peace.

God alone is qualified to judge the deeds and thoughts of men.  Certainly we can trust that he will judge correctly.  So what should our response be to what we have read today?

Our response:

1. We must remember that God shows no partiality, Vs: 11.  God offers salvation to all men.  But he also will judge all men.

2.  When we live a double life the name of Christ is blasphemed in the world, Vs: 24.

So our response must be, to daily seek God’s judgment in our own lives so that we can know where we are sinful (so we can repent) and to know where we must take the gospel (God, who will stand before you this day?)  

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