A Battle You Cannot Win (Esther 5; Acts 28)

“If Mordecai, before whom you have begun to fall, is of the Jewish people, you will not overcome him but will surely fall before him.”  Esther 6:13

The game began and it seemed that one team was more enthusiastic than the other.  As the game continued it became clear that the loosing team did not believe they could win.  After the game I asked the coach, “What was wrong with the team tonight?”  The coach responded, “I could not get them to believe they could win.”

Question, “Are you facing some challenge in which you believe you cannot win?” This morning I opened my Bible to Esther 5 and then into chapters 6 and 7.  Before me was the story of a man who thought of no one but himself (6:6).  He believed he was achieving all he wanted in life (5:11).  All was great except one thing, there was one person who stood in his way.  This man was a thorn in his side (5:9).

Haman did all he could do to destroy both this man, he had a gallows built to hang this man.  Haman did all he could do to destroy Mordecai’s people.

But in the end, he was fighting a battle he could not win.  What was this man’s battle?  He was fighting the will of God.

Think it through:

God’s plan was for a Savior to come.  This Savior would have an earthly lineage coming through the people of Israel.  If Israel was destroyed, there would be no Savior.

God’s plan was for the Savior to go to the cross (The gallows).  Satan thought he had won the battle when Jesus died on the cross.  But Jesus resurrection proved the final victory over Satan’s power.  “Jesus appeared to destroy the works of the Devil,” I John 3:8

Our response:

1.  Make sure all of your battles are being fought on the Lord’s side.

2.  Make sure all of your battles are for His glory and not your own.

In the end, you will always come out victorious because you are fighting on the Lord’s side!!!

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