Why Did He Do It? (Acts 19; Nehemiah10)

This past week I read the story of a man who drowned in the Chicago river as he tried to retrieve his cell phone.  Question, “Why did he do it?”  Answer, “In the moment, he did not consider the value of his life.  He only was considering the value of his cell-phone.”

This days, “More for Christ” readings come from Acts 20.  As I read the account of Paul’s ongoing ministry, I found myself asking a familiar question, “Why did he do it?”  Here is Paul’s answer, “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

In this crucial moment in Paul’s life we see two points that help us to see how he was able to stay the course even though he knew that chains and afflictions awaited him:

1.  Paul was dedicated to the course God had placed before him, Acts 2:24

This is not an easy place to be, if you are not dedicated to the course God has placed before you.  Paul had placed his life in God’s hands.  He was not protecting or making a God out of his own life.  Paul did work to provide for his living.  However, his life was God’s.  His well-being was not a chain that kept him from doing the will of God.

2.  Paul’s decision was to complete the course God had placed before him, Acts 2:25

Paul understood that God would be glorified only if he served Him in the way’s God had decided.  Paul was ok with this and charged forward in obedience.

Think it through:

Do you and I really know the course and are we really dedicated to the course God has placed before us?

As I look at Paul’s life here, I see three foundational things every believer must do if they want to know and follow the course God has for them:

1.  Serve the Lord (Vs: 19).  You must begin right where you are serving the Lord.

2. Share the whole counsel of God (Vs: 20-21).  You must daily read, heed, and sow the Word of God.

3.  Allow the Spirit to guide you (Vs: 22).  You cannot be guided by emotion or circumstances.  You must allow the Spirit to guide you.

Our response:

Will you follow this course?  I promise you clarity and conviction if you do!!!  In the end, people might ask, “Why did you do it?”  You will have the correct answer.

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