Something That Cannot Be Stopped (Acts 19; Nehemiah 9)

“And you see and hear that not only in Ephesus but in almost all of Asia this Paul has persuaded and turned away a great many people, saying that the gods made with hands are not gods,” Acts 19:26

Does anyone remember the Energizer Bunny?  The advertisement for Energizer batteries simply put forth the viewpoint, “Our batteries last longer than any other battery.”  Certainly the people at Duracell would disagree.  And so would all the other battery companies in the world.

Here is something that all of the battery companies have in common, “Eventually all of them will die.”  There has not been a battery created that will last forever.  Eventually, they will be stopped.

This morning I discovered, from Acts 19, something that cannot be stopped.  It is something that was the very thing the Apostle Paul discovered.   Admittedly, it could be hard to see this something if you only see the obstacles.  The three obstacles that stand out are these:

1.  The people in the synagogue wanted to stop the very thing they could not stop, Acts 19:9-10

2. The Jewish exorcist wanted to stop the very thing they could not stop, Acts 19:17

3. The Business men wanted to stop the very thing they could not stop, Acts 19:26

What was the thing they could not stop?  “The gospel.”

Think it through

In each case the gospel won the day.  Brothers and sisters, the gospel cannot be stopped.  To this I am very thankful.  This is why we see Paul as such a great success in the history of the Church.

The gospel had captured Paul’s heart, Acts 19:21

The gospel was the compass of Paul’s life, Acts 19:26

The gospel was never conquered in Paul’s life, II Timothy 2:9-10

Question:  Does the gospel occupy the same place in your life?  If so, be assured you are possessed by and are in possession of something that can never be stopped.

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